New version of the addon available (v10) This new version is a major step in the development of our addon, it brings a lot of change to facilitate and optimize its use: - redesign of the UI to separate the available options into three tabs, - explanatory sentence added for each option - optimization of the "streaming" tool to facilitate the process (auto detection of your media player) - redo the deactivation / custom activation of the addon (depending on the host of your choice). By default, the addon is enabled for all the supported file hosters, and disabled for streaming sites. You will now be able to easily choose which site to activate / deactivate. - added an option to create a custom rule for quick torrent sending (when the source is not automatically detected by our addon)
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For smartphone and tablet users, you can take advantage of the mobile version of our site, optimized for portable devices. This mobile version is loaded by default when connected from a compatible device.

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Alldebrid offers you many tools such as addons compatible with the main browsers on the market to simplify your task. Consult our FAQ to find more detailed informations.
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